Though the Vernal Equinox Has Not Yet Occurred this Year

Today my pal and I worked in our yard.
Though it’s not yet spring on the calendar,
I feel that wonderful season in the air.

Pulling brown dry plants from pots
that were covered with snow a mere 3 weeks ago.
I feel spring in the air.

Shaking the soil from the roots of brown plants,
and stuffing it back into the pot for a new season,
I feel spring in the air.

Clipping dead branches of shrubs
looking for life after a subzero winter,
I feel spring in the air.

Seeing my next door neighbor’s tree
With glorious white blossoms for all to see
Says loudly to me and the world — right now in this place — spring is here.



A Prayer

Source: Project Noah (

Today I saw a toad squashed in the road.
What an ecological goad to my psychological guilt load.

Therefore, I recite this ode to the squashed toad in the road.
My mind doeth try to fathom why the toad had to die,
No struggle or sigh as a tire flattened it like a pie.

I do not know when I must go
and do I want to? — No.
But I pray so that when the moment of truth I know,
Like the toad’s it’ll quick — not slow.