A Biblical Account of God Killing Babies, Embryos and Fetuses

God used soldiers to cut open pregnant Samaritan women as part of his punishment for Samaria’s rebellion against him. The cutting open of pregnant women would have resulted in the destruction of various stages of human embryonic and fetal development. That is abortion.

I personally am sickened by the thought of abortion in any form and know that it would have been wrong for my wife and I to have used the procedure as a means to limit the number of our children.


when I read Hosea 13:16, I see that God used abortion as one of his various tools in punishing the Samaritans for rebelling against him and worshiping false gods. This scripture describes a form of abortion that is even more brutal than what is practiced today — terminating embryos and fetuses as well as mothers at the blade of a heavy sword.

Did the advanced fetuses — even though innocent and not responsible for rebellions— suffer pain in the womb for the sins of their rebellious adult parents?

This scripture suggests strongly to me that there are times when the God of the Bible considers abortion justified. The Samaritans sinned against him and he punished them with death, including the abortion of embryos and fetuses. Sounds straight forward to me.

Consider a situation in which a sex offender sins against God by raping a young innocent barely pubescent girl and impregnating her. I believe everyone will agree that such an offender should be punished maximally for his horrible crime.

Apparently, some folks think so. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is currently defending the State of Oklahoma’s move to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest. *

I know what I believe. The young girl should not be further punished. She should receive medical attention to remove the sinful growth parasitizing her body. She should be loved and helped to recover from the terrible ordeal that has been forced upon her.

What do you believe?

  • GOP governors defend complete abortion bans without exceptions for rape and incest: ‘They are babies too’ Brent D. Griffiths May 15, 2022, 10:47 AM



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